What I’m Wearing: Zara Tank, Primark Denim Cut-Offs, Mini Chanel Bag, Zero UV Sunglasses & Superdry Glitter Sneakers Nothing special today girls, just a pair of denim shorts and a tank. I feel so tired these days, too tired to dress up, too tired for makeup – instead opting for the first half-clean tank I find […]

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summer’s end

What I’m Wearing: Chi Chi London White Dress, Zara Heels, Baia Bucket Bag & Fashion Pills Sunglasses Last day of August, are you girls as sad as me? I am such a summer girl, I dream and physically ache for the warmer months of the year. June comes slowly, breaks the grey and then suddenly, the […]

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tallyweijl black dress

simple spin

What I’m Wearing: Tally Weijl Skater Dress & Tally Weijl Brogues Friday, already! I’m excited for the weekend, I’m planning on shutting off my iphone and ignoring the internet for 2 blissful days. Deleting my personal facebook page a few months ago really illustrated just how much time I wasted on the internet and so […]

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retro a/w with primark part 2

What I’m Wearing: Primark Mint Green Mohair Sweater, Primark Pale Pink Pleather Pencil Skirt & Primark Pink Mary Jane Platforms Shoes I was beyond excited to stumble upon this pink & mint green diner -it acccidently but oh so perfectly matched the colours of my outfit plus tied in wonderfully with my retro A/W mini […]

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retro a/w with primark part 1

What I’m Wearing: Primark Lime Green Chunky Sweater, Primark Orange Pleather Pencil Skirt & Primark Metallic Stiletto Heels As a student, Primark was above all a saving grace and pretty much the only place I could really afford to shop. But as a grown up (or at least an aspiring one) my love for the […]

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cinque terre / life, lately

It’s been almost a month since I returned from my 4 week trip around Europe – and I thought instead of overwhelming you with a series of travel posts, I’d leave my final one for the end of August. Cinque Terre was our last stop – Haleigh and I jumped the train from Rome and […]

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double polka dot

What I’m Wearing: Fashion Pills Polka Dot Dress, Clic Jewels Polka Dot Clutch Bag, Zara Blue Pointed Heels, Fashion Pills Sunglasses & Vintage Panama Hat Barcelona, oh I love this city! The friendly taxi drivers, the coffees I can drink all day for 2 euros and the beach I can be at in 10 minutes […]

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swimwear fashion week / gran canaria

So you’ve probably seen on instagram, I jumped over to the Canary Islands for a few days to experience their annual Swimwear Fashion Week. Now, FW in Paris usually means a lot of hard, not so glamorous work for me but this was an entirely different vibe. Instead of running around like a crazy lady, […]

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beach with bobbi brown / on the go beauty #2

The second edition to my 3 part On the Go Beauty series with Bobbi Brown, and this time I’m talking beauty at my favourite place in the world, the beach. As you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the coasts of Spain this summer, and so it only seemed natural to share […]

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life, lately / rome

As you girls know, I had a lot of fun this summer in Italy – spending time both in Rome & Cinque Terre (more about these coastal towns soon) and being irritatingly snap happy, I thought I’d share some photos from life, lately in the Italian capital. Between eating a lot of buratta, flower buying […]

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life lately


Breakfast Cupcakes

Sharing a recipe that I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love, its simple, fun to make and perfectly delicious. Not to mention pretty low-carb (just one tiny piece of bread, it barely counts) so let me tell you about the Breakfast Cupcake, its bacon, eggs, mushrooms – all baked into one little compact cake-form. Serve with a […]

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