Like The Wind

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketWhat I’m Wearing: Goldie London Melanie Mint Green Dress, ASOS Lilac Platform Heels, Vintage Cream Clutch & Zara Sunglasses PhotobucketPhotobucket
I think every girl should let their hair down, wear a simple dress and simply take a long walk.  We all lead fairly regimented lives, and at times, it can become a little stifling – and so taking the time to aimlessly wander the place you live, without any glances at your watch or a plan of where to go – is a good way to get away from the constant itineraries of everyday life. And so this Sunday morning, I put on a dress (without a bra), left my hair loose (and unbrushed from last night’s sleep) and just started walking. It is probably my favourite way to relax, and what better place to carelessly drift than Paris? More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen 


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