Sunday, April 15, 2012

Like The Wind

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketWhat I’m Wearing: Goldie London Melanie Mint Green Dress, ASOS Lilac Platform Heels, Vintage Cream Clutch & Zara Sunglasses PhotobucketPhotobucket
I think every girl should let their hair down, wear a simple dress and simply take a long walk.  We all lead fairly regimented lives, and at times, it can become a little stifling – and so taking the time to aimlessly wander the place you live, without any glances at your watch or a plan of where to go – is a good way to get away from the constant itineraries of everyday life. And so this Sunday morning, I put on a dress (without a bra), left my hair loose (and unbrushed from last night’s sleep) and just started walking. It is probably my favourite way to relax, and what better place to carelessly drift than Paris? More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen 

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  1. Phoebe says:

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  2. Phoebe says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Love the pastel colours, so summery :) xxx

  3. Rachhh. says:

    Love the pastels! The shoes are amazing and i love the cut out pieces in the dress! xo

  4. amazing!
    love the entire styling.. you look gorgeous in pastels

  5. Georgie says:

    You look beautiful as always! xxx

  6. Clouds says:

    You look stunning!
    Love it x

  7. Miss K says:

    Great dress and shoes!!!

  8. omg!! I love the dress and the shoes, I mean, all the outfit!! <3

    You always look really beautiful ! :)

    Love !! xxx

  9. Kate says:

    Such a beautiful dress and gorgeous pictures, so fun!

  10. Marie says:

    So lovely!

  11. Marmalade says:

    that dress looks amazing on you and the pictures just show it off all the more

    Fab photo shoot

    Mel x

  12. GIULIA says:

    OK ! you look cool, you're pics a re wonderful, and your look is gorgeous I'd love to buy everything!
    Your blog is super!

  13. Very chic hun, its shame I can't be wearing pastels during Fall now.

  14. You look fantastic and you're absolutely right, people tend to forget to look at the world when they're busy

  15. Raspberry says:

    Dress is gorgeous. You look perfect :>

  16. beautiful! i love it!

  17. Such beautiful, windswept captures! Your dress is enchanting.

  18. Laura says:

    You look stunning. Everybody loves pastels at the moment, but this dress is real love ;-)

  19. You model those Goldie dresses so beautifully!

    Monochrome Magpie

  20. Rachel says:

    So beautiful! I love how it is such a cute girly dress yet the gaps in it give it your edgy twist still! xx

  21. Sophie says:

    A really great dress – the shoes are amazing!

  22. Raslett says:

    you look sugary sweet. Love the colours xx

  23. Yasmin; says:

    that actually sounds perfect, you look amazing love the pastel colours and your dress is gorgeous x

  24. ChicPoint says:

    that dress looks amazing on you. and I really adore the colour of the heels:)

  25. Hatty Bell says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, as always! Must be great to be able to walk out your door and wander around somewhere so beautiful, I've got serious wardrobe envy girl xxx

  26. Chococcuro says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  27. You should indeed! Absolutely fabulous dress! Lovely sunday! XO Rebecca

  28. Daisy says:

    I like the pastel combo!

  29. Laura says:

    Stunning, so girly. Love these photos x

  30. Laura says:

    Stunning, so girly. Love these photos x

  31. Moni says:

    oh god, this dress is really really awesome.. !!! :)

  32. JASMINE says:

    your dress is gorgeous and the perfect colour! i love what you have wrote too.. so true. x

  33. Jo says:

    I've got a dress this colour and didn't know what kind of shoes to wear – now I need some purple ones!

    Check out the giveaway on my blog :)

  34. Jo says:

    Love this outfit, the pastel colours are gorgeous together!

  35. Steph C. says:

    very true! Every once in a while we have to let our hair down! You look so fabulous and FREE in these photos! love the lilac with the pastel turquoise!
    Ginger and Lace

  36. Adrienne says:

    oooh, this dress is soooooooooooo beautiful! :)

  37. u loook soo beautiful, love ur shoes!

    and u have a really tone legs :D

  38. Aminta Paiz says:

    Love the movement and happiness in all your images… by the way werent you freezing ??

  39. Elizabeth says:

    that dress looks amazing on you! you look like your having so much fun =) love it

    xo Elizabeth

  40. Andrea says:

    the dress is wonderful! love how you styled it :)
    you look soooo pretty!

  41. Emily says:

    That dress is too incredible for words! Beautiful.

    Emily Wears Things

  42. Joil says:

    Beautiful! I love pastel colors. :)

  43. Laura says:

    Simply beautiful! Love the mix of colors, and you really look amazing!

    - Laura

  44. Joyce says:

    that dress is actually the most amazing thing ive ever seen in my life
    the exposure is perfectly measured at the stomach and it really matchines the muted pastel tones of the lilac shoes

  45. Karolina says:

    WOW. In fact there's nothing else to say, but I want to so.. you're such a beauty and the dress is wonderful.

  46. Mariana Glez says:

    El vestido es lindisimo.
    :)Un saludo desde México

  47. Love the dress, very pretty!

  48. Bianca Bass says:

    Beautiful dress!

    You look amazing, glad to have found your blog!

    Lots of love,

    Bianca <3

  49. Danielle says:

    Love the colour of the shoes and the dress together! xxx

  50. You look stunning! I love the color combo!


  51. FASHIONFED says:

    the whole look is gorgeous, those pumps and the dress are the perfect combination of pastels

  52. patricia says:


  53. OH – MY. You look gorgeous. That dress is a knock-out piece x

    Indie by Heart

  54. Sarah says:

    you look gorgeous, this dress is a beaut!

  55. H, says:

    wow! gorgeous much?! love that dress on you!

  56. You look stunning as always :) love the cut-out detail on the dress and you hair is amazing :)

    Josephine xx

  57. almaa. says:

    just love the look and those pics! amazing dear :)

  58. lucillejoy says:

    You look amazing!! Gorgeous dress and shoes and perfect colours!

  59. Call me M says:

    Amazing outfit! Love the combination of mint green and lavender!

  60. nádia dias says:

    loooooooooove the color of the dress, and the way you combine with the color of the wedges.

    sorry if my english was bad

  61. Blush says:

    Your outfit rocks. You look awesome!


  62. Polly says:

    wow!so amazing look!

    Polly with love

  63. Danny says:

    OMG, how could i didn't know your blog?
    you have a perfect sense of style and your photos are so beautiful and cheerful!
    I love love love that dress, beautiful color and shape, so jealous!
    i'm following, of course

  64. Katie says:

    What an amazing outfit! Those shoes are INSANE! Love it.

  65. i like it your dresses and very pretty image. So wonderful ……..

  66. Love that dress, the colour is magic!! x

  67. WOW gorgeous pictures!!!


  68. El vestido es genial :)
    me gusta mucho
    el color para esta temporada es brutal
    me gusta mucho

    Un saludo desde:

  69. Anmol says:

    I really love that dress so much, the colour is perfect on you! Must be so nice to be able to ramble around Paris whenever you like! :)

  70. Great dress! That colour looks great on you!


    Dark Blue Stripes

    Fashion Weekend Giveaway!

  71. Lovely photos!!!
    Love your shoes ;)

  72. Beautiful photo's! Amazing dress too, love the whole outfit, you look gorgeous!

    Charlotte xoxo

  73. It may be a simple dress but it's super pretty. Love the colour matched with those amazing shoes!

  74. so beautiful. love it and you. xx

  75. NelaTasha says:

    omg, amaaazing! <3 The outfit is great and you have beeeeeautiiiful legs!


  76. Aitana says:

    you look stunning in pastels ;)


  77. Hannah says:

    Stunning outfit! The colours are so brilliant together!

  78. Laura says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Couldn't agree more! I love walking around in my city!

    xoxo, Laura

  79. Daisy says:

    Love this, you've inspired me to buy more asos shoes! all yours are greaaatttt x

  80. "Carelessly drift" I like the concept. It's not easy to do everywhere, but I imagine Paris may lend itself to it :D
    I'm having a GIVEAWAY – drop by :)
    The Fashionable ESQ

  81. Cathy says:

    Love the colors! And your fun and freedom definitely show in these photos :)

  82. I LOVE THAT MINT DRESS :O amazing and those lavender shoes I am in love with too.

  83. vria says:

    i found this pic through tumblr,in late april maybe,and i thought omg,this is the most beautiful girl and outfit are stunning audrey,you inspire me so much,ily:)

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