What I’m Wearing: Romwe Celine Me Alone, Chicwish Skirt, ASOS Platform Sandals 
ASOS Sunglasses, Vintage Box Bag, Lamprini Collar Necklace


Sometimes, I do wish Celine would leave me alone, on a weekly basis I am constantly tempted to blow all my savings/monthly bill money/every single euro I can find anywhere in my apartment on a beautiful Celine masterpiece. And yet, I doubt this is going to happen, Phoebe Philo is engraved in my mind so instead I’m resorting to yelling “Celine Me ALONE” whenever some irritating pedestrian decides to make some snarly comment on whatever I’m wearing. And finally, I am drawing your attention to this amazing collar necklace (def. my new favourite piece of jewellery) designed and handmade by Lamprini, whose beautiful pieces you can buy on Boticca (click here)  More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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