Boohoo #partypose

What I’m Wearing: Boohoo Laila Dress & Boohoo Thigh High Studded Boots

I’ll be styling this dress three different ways in the next few weeks, as part of Boohoo’s #partypose campaign. I am all for a good party, in fact, fashion aside, there is nothing I love more than parties. Cranking the music up, getting dressed and giggly with your girlfriends and then heading out into a night of celebration. And as Christmas season has officially started, it is parties galore but it can be a little stressful finding something new/different to wear for all these festive occasions. So here’s to wearing the same dress multiple times! Hoping to give you all some dress-recycling inspiration/encouragement! Finally, urging you all to check out Boohoo’s partywear, I for one will be wearing these boots all winter! More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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