Team Paris

What I’m Wearing: MISBHV Team Paris Sweatshirt, H&M Tutu, Zara Heels, Stradivarius Necklace & Sisley Clutch

When I first laid eyes on this sweatshirt, I knew I had to have it. I am def. an honorary member of TEAM PARIS – I picked up and moved to this city, knowing practically no one with nothing but 2 bags brimming with pretty clothes and buzzing nomadic hope. That was almost 2 years ago, and these days, I’m so in love with Paris I call it my boyfriend. The memories and friends that this city has spun into a life for me leave me feeling like the luckiest damn girl on a daily basis. And so by wearing this (amazing) sweatshirt, I am urging you all to actively seek out new adventures of your own, wherever that be for you. More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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