What I’m Wearing: Rare London Baroque Print Dress, Emporio Armani Vintage Blazer & Zara Sandals

Running through crowded streets of the 6eme in a fancy dress, complete with my vintage velvet Armani blazer. My mother bought me this jacket when I was 16, which means I have been wearing it for over 7 years! Talk about an investment piece!  Some of my favourite garments are almost a decade old now, which makes me feel rather old but then again, the best clothes become priceless over time. And speaking of expensive jackets/coats, I have my eye on this Vivienne Westwood beauty from The Repertoire. What do you think, should I buy? More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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  • vane

    yes!! looks great :) buy it !
    btw i looove the look

  • Jeline Catacutan

    that dress is beautiful!!

  • Amalie Espeland

    stunning dress!x

  • Huyen
  • Laura Dittrich
  • Floortje van Cooten

    Great photos!

  • Mancina
  • Caity

    You look amazing – What a fun, festive holiday look. Who takes your pictures? You always capture such great action shots! :)

  • Jane Hepburn


  • Laura

    This dress looks like the PERFECT dress for Christmas!

  • Sparksinspring

    So lovely, I love the cut out! x

    Sparks In Spring

  • Marle

    Gorgeous photos! Especially the first one :)

  • Emily

    Such a beautiful dress, and such gorgeous photos too!

    Emily Wears Things


  • Hearts&Crosses

    Loving velvet at the minute, beautiful dress! You look gorgeous


  • ishara merhai

    love these photo’s the black and white really makes them magistic, and i’m in love with the dress, it’s such a beauty

    xx ish

  • Belinda Hunt

    yay your heels are back

  • Jessica

    Noooo because in your diary post you said you didn’t want to spend so much money on random stuff you don’t need !!!!!!!!!! *voice of reason* haha cute outfit!

  • Nora

    the coat doesnt have a very flattering shape, the collar looks so grunge and will easily look a little disgusting after a little while when its knitted like that. the buttons pop out too much in that gild color and make the coat look even cheaper and more like a costum (not in a cool way). and its quite expensive (which on top it really just doesnt look). the velvet coat is cute!

  • mckenzie.collins

    Your velvet blazer really finishes off the look, I like it!

  • Colleen Campbell

    oooh yes I love the blazer! Well done mum!

  • M

    Great pics! This outfit is gorgeous!


  • Lola

    Gorgeous outfit as per!! I love the shape of your skirt XX

  • Felicity

    Love this outfit! x

  • Hannah Watson

    I’ve been a dedicated Frassy follower for nearly a year and my favourite posts are always the sentimental ones! my inspiration!

  • Grecia Jaspe

    lovely lovely