What I’m Wearing: Asos Faux Mongolian Fur Coat, Getwear Jeans, Zara Shoes, Vintage Hat & Vidakush Rings

Woah, hi guys its been almost a week. How bad of me! Moving the entire contents of my apartment across the Seine has kept me busy and away from the computer.  I’m moving into a smaller but beautifully modern apartment so I am having to bid farewell to quite a large proportion of my wardrobe. But it feels so great to have purged my closet – keeping about 1/3 of my clothes in my new home, another third in storage and the final third, well lets just say my friends are lucky girls! Saying that, I will be selling some pretty great pieces later on this month, so keep your eyes open! Finally, this faux mongolian fur jacket makes me look somewhat like a big fat bear but  oh my goodness, it is so warm! Photos: Haleigh Walsworth


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