Moschino Look 5

What I’m Wearing: Love Moschino Floral Crop Top & Pencil Skirt + Moschino Red Sandals
moschino june 20138

Woah, sorry for the blogging hiatus – I’ve been so busy moving apartments. Hauling about a million pairs of shoes across the city is no easy feat! But I’m back with some more Moschino! Another matching floral combo -my photographer spotted the retro red car and demanded we shoot in front of it,  she has an incredible eye, don’t you think? I’m a big fan of crop tops, but am normally a little hesitant to pair them with skinny bottoms (primarily because I don’t have a skinny bottom, if you know what I mean!) So, usually I’ll bear my midriff with a floaty tutu or skater skirt. And so at first, I was a little scared of this pencil silhouette – but I think it worked out okay! More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara 


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