Light Blue


What I’m Wearing: Vintage Crop White Faux Fur Jacket, In Love with Fashion Powder Blue Jumpsuit, Margiela Floral Brogues via Shoescribe, Acne Tote, Spektre Sunglasses & Clic Jewels Dusty Pink Furry Lunchbag Clutch


You guys know me, I usually like black or super bright colours but yes, lately I’ve fallen for this delectable pastel trend circling the streets, the stores and well everywhere it seems. I’m all for fashion’s latest as long as I can wear the latest how I want in a way that stays true to my inherent style. Which I guess is where this crazy little faux fur number comes in. Its more Clueless than high-fashion, and I’m totally okay with that. I for one am tired of seeing girls mindlessly hop between trends on a weekly basis. I can barely keep track and  there is nothing original there – and if its not original, then tell me, how is it stylish? And if the fashion industry is dictating your every wardrobe decision, then what about that is personal style? So really, I try to go with the fashion flow, but only to a certain extent. I like what I like, I wear what I like and I wear it when I wanna wear it – and ‘fashion’ will never change that! More tomorrow! Photos: Faye Bullock


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