flowing. free. all my own.

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Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.

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what im wearing: wallis cream bell sleeved top, wallis mid wash roll up jeanswallis stone sling back cream boots, wallis stone & charm necklace

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I’ve always fallen for the bohemian way, growing up in Spain, it was sort of ingrained in me from an early age. And in recent years, I weave in and out – always to return to my personal bohemian inspirations at some point for a little while or a long while, but always here or there. I do grow tired of all these trite names the fashion industry use to coin a bohemian approach to dressing, they are endless.. boho chic, festival ready, gypsy inspired, 70s revival – or at worst, anything coachella related. That patch of desert had nothing to do with defining bohemian. And while I could go into the roots of the original bohemians, I won’t – because that might bore you. As you know, I’m fascinated with fashion from the past. I don’t care for many of the styles of today and trends, well I find them dreadfully boring. Quite simply, I follow my heart and wear what I like – and this determination to do what I please is mirrored in so many aspects of my life; lack of a real job, refusal to live in just one place, dedication to writing a book that so far no one wants to publish. I do what I very well please, always. And so, my personal fascination with bohemia is an aspirational one, because at the essence of it all is a stubborn free spirit. And that’s all I want to be. How beautiful to wander, but purposefully…how wonderful to be rooted but flow all at once, how inspirational to desert conformist pressures for a path that’s all your own. One day, I want to be sitting on a seaside bench, as an old lady, with my glasses slipping down my nose & kimono pulled tight and tell someone, anyone… how I did that just that with my life. I forgot the world and made my own.

  • Alex

    You just made my day with these words (and it’s a really shitty day, pardon my French). I wish I knew you in real life.. <3


    • aww Alex, I just read your latest post and it really spoke to me. I am sorry for the hard 2 years you had but happy you found your way – and how exciting to get there. I hope you are proud. And if you are ever in Paris or BCN, do let me know, and we can know each other in real life!

  • lavieenliz

    love these photos — great look


    • hi bianca, thank you! spent some time on your blog just now, I love it….made me miss London!

  • Well said! Coachella didn’t help the cause.

    Beautiful photos as always.


    • haha, exactly. glad we agree! thanks babe, and thank you for reading. always makes me happy!

  • Well said! The blouse is gorgeouuuus!
    Vicky // The Golden Bun

  • SweetMona

    nice look, lovely shoes!

    new look on my blog!

  • Again, gorgeous! And those Asos sunglasses! I really need to go see if they have anything similar. I love bohemian style also and get annoyed with its association with festivals today. The grand palais did an excellent exhibition on bohemian life a few years ago…I went to see it right before I moved back to the States. Perhaps you saw it?

  • Porcelina

    Oo I need to get me a bell-sleeved top!! I used to have one years ago but I ditched it when it went out of fashion. Now I just wear what I like and pay less attention to what’s “in”, which does mean my wardrobe’s overflowing a bit…

  • Such beautiful photos…almost feels like I’m on an empty beach in the summer (as if that would even be a possibility! Everyone flocks to the sun and the sand come August). I totally understand what you mean by wearing what you love rather than paying attention to current trends…I love magazines but I rarely read them for actual “fashion tips” as such – that phrase alone makes me cringe! Instead I usually find clothes or colours that inspire me, cut them out and piece them together in some sort of mood board or collage. I don’t quite know why, but it gives me this freedom with my fashion; I can mix and match and create a mess, but a stylish one!

    P.S. A whole lotta admiration for your courage to follow your dreams. I sincerely hope that this book of yours gets picked up by a publisher someday, because I can guarantee I’ll be one of the first to read it!

    With love ♥ » Paris by Friday

  • I luuurrrrve those shoes! *adds to wishlist*

    Mel ♥ everyword