my new puppy, biba & I

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introducing both my new puppy biba & the oasis v&a print collection I love

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It was impossible to miss on instagram but I’ll happily announce it again here, I adopted a Pomeranian puppy of my very own! Now you might know, I am an avid, giddy crazy dog lover, so welcoming her into my life was a big and exciting decision. And not one I took lightly, I’m single, I work and live alone at home – there is no one to share responsibility or split expenses with. But, when you adore dogs as much as I do, you feel the lack of canine companionship. My apartment ached for little paws to be bouncing off the floors and so did I – for 2 years now, I’ve deliberated on adopting a puppy, never feeling responsible or mature enough. But at 26, my life feels aligned and balanced enough to make room for this little puppy I’ve named Biba. I simply and so zealously adore her. She’s docile, polite and dainty, far more of a lady than I ever could be. She haS not barked once since she moved in. On a different note, I’ve hit a personal record in my single life – I’ve grown very wary of men, in January I put all search for a boyfriend to a screeching halt, refusing to give the little time I had to someone I only sort of enjoyed. You see, I needed this time for myself and I still do, because having a dog is very much part of my personality. And how lovely to have doubled the inhabitants of my 3 bedroom apartment – she is my favourite sort of company. Now I know it’s not an either/or situation, I can have both the puppy and a cute boyfriend, and one day I will but for now her loyal love is all I can justify, because it’s reliable. I prefer reliable love. I have heaps of it, for my friends, family, for my work, for books and exercise – and I’m pretty darn happy to have found another steady love, a reciprocal one, the best love an eccentric, guarded twenty six year old like me can welcome into her life ; the simple always love of a puppy.

  • Gorgeous name, little Biba is a serious cutie. I cannot wait to have a puppy of my own, for now I have our family puppy Ruby, she’s 5 months old now and literally makes my heart melt. Congrats, you’re going to be absolutely head over heels with her 🙂

    Mel x

  • Seriously the cutest puppy ever!

  • Omg! I love your adorably amazing puppy <3 My Pom is my world, and I know you'll just love your puppy so much!

  • lavieenliz
  • Wonderful!! She is so adorable. I totally know what you mean. I understand needing a dog in your life. I’ve been wanting one my entire life. I can’t wait to move into my own place when I can finally get one.


  • Daphné Moreau

    She is THE CUTEST Audrey ! Loved the shoot too, your pictures are always stunning!

  • SweetMona

    Its so cute!!!!

    new look on my blog!

  • Dogs are the best! I’m so happy for you, this was definitely an excellent decision!!! Biba is adorable!!!! I was on vacation last week and had to leave my dogs behind for four days…I ached for them! They are the best companions!

  • Biba, what a precious name! When I first saw her on Instagram I practically squealed aloud, there is something about puppies that is so endearing and makes your heart melt with the overwhelming love you feel for them. They’re just so innocent and intelligent, not to mention all they want to do all day long is serve you and make you happy. I personally feel that there’s a lot we can learn from dogs – we think we’re more evolved, but they’re actually much smarter than we give them credit for. They can sense when you’re sad, ill, when you’re leaving them…they know, and they’ll react to it. They’re some of the most loving creatures and I can’t wait until I get a pup of my own one day. They truly are a man’s, or a woman’s for that matter, best friend.

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

  • petitepea2011

    SHE IS SO CUTE! Biba the beauty! You look stunning here too, I love that two piece.

  • This is the cutest dog ever! And love the name, very fit for such a little beauty x

  • mariel

    your puppy is just the cutest Audrey…oh my gosh, he’s so fluffy and adorable <3 can't wait to hear more about him and see him in your posts (if so)..

    loving the outfit as usual too, the print and the fit just looks so good 🙂

  • Haaai Biba!!! What a cutie!

  • She’s the cutest thing ever! Congrats with your little puppy-child! xx

  • Aleksandra Ivanko-Deel

    Congratulations on the new puppy! Biba is absolutely adorable. My husband works with animals and we have dogs also so I really enjoyed this post.

  • So adorable I can barely handle it <3

  • That little face! She’s just too cute and much better than any boyfriend!


    Nina from little nomad

  • V.
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  • Awww. Cute puppy.. Babi is really sweet..