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hepburn inspired but not by beauty


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I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn, I am even lucky enough to share her name. She’s iconic, you’d be hard pressed to find a woman unfamiliar with her. While she is undoubtedly esteemed, so many acclaimed Hepburn fans have not watched a single one of her movies nor know much about her as a person. Instead they zealously re-pin her portraits on Pinterest or regurgitate a handful of quotes that circle the internet at a nauseating speed. I feel like as an icon, she’s been diluted, washed away into nothing but a beautiful face. Beauty, I find becomes rather boring and I’m fed up with society squeezing everything down to this dull superficial level. And I hate that it happened to my namesake too. While we as women, intrinsically prefer to look pretty, there are so many other components to our existence that deserves equal or albeit more attention than our physical appearance. I often am criticized for voicing my views on the superficiality of the world because here I am wearing fancy clothes & a bronzer that cost more than my weekly grocery shopping. What right do I have to bring topics like this up, surely I, as a fashion blogger am just feeding the flame? Maybe I am, I hope not. I like clothes and I like to feel pretty but they are not my priorities. Anyone who knows me would agree. This is problematic for me here, because as a blogger, I have a voice and I want to speak up about the things in this world I feel need to be fixed and yet in doing so, I always feel the need to defend my views in the meek hope that despite the frivolity of what I do, I will still be taken seriously. So like I said, clothes, makeup, having your hair done these are lovely things, but I’m not vapid. I’m not just a photogenic girl prancing around online in dresses and such. I realize, so many fashion bloggers are – their brand revolves solely on one simple verb: shopping. But not mine. I guess we all, as women have to take a stance. The refusal to be boxed up and labelled as a specific type of female. So often it happens without notice, we are defined as something and that later becomes who we are. It makes me so sad. It makes me sad that so many Hepburn fans are so unaware of what she really was. Ignorant to so of the many wonderful facts that make her truly inspiring.  Here a few things more beautiful than her face; she was an avid animal lover as well as a loner, preferring to be at home alone with her animals, she even at one point, adopted a pet deer. She worked for the Dutch resistance and volunteered as a nurse during WW2. She was an EGOT, one of the 14 individuals to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award. She was a mother to a son who later compiled a wonderful book about her. She was a dedicated UNICEF World Ambassador as well as being fluent in 5 languages. And yet to so many people she’s just a face on a canvas on a wall or thrown around as ‘beauty inspo’ on tumblr. So, what am I getting at here? A few things, I guess and  I’ve approached them quite chaotically. First but foremost, go at it, aim to be pretty, buy the nice clothes but don’t let society convince you that this is all you are. There is so much more to strive for. Don’t let yourself be diluted. Break through that box  – and the next time you find yourself being inspired by someone? Ask yourself why. What about them influences you? Should it solely be beauty, move away – or dig deeper. Always look past the looks. It’s way more fascinating underneath this skin of ours.

  • I really enjoyed reading this post. I too am a Hepburn “lover”. And I have most of her movies on my shelf and a biography about her (which I’ve read twice because I actually find her life quite interesting). I especially love that fact that she never made a big deal about her being a movie star to her kids and that she was an animal lover (as you mentioned too). I feel like watching Sabrina now… I think I will do that one of the coming days 🙂 That movie is one of my favorites!


  • SweetMona

    Perfect jumpsuit, love it!!!

    new look on my blog!


  • I agree with you 100% so many people are unaware of who she really was outside of the silver screen. Sadly that can be said for a lot of people these days. You become the picture you paint or the ones that others paint for you. You become the beauty in your latest Instagram shot and your education, opinions and interests all come second – if at all.


  • Audrey was more than an actress and a pretty face and you are more than a blogger.
    Seriously, I love every post! First I read the text and then I look at he photos. I think Frassy is the only blog where I’m doing this.
    You’re amazing!

    • Same! I love her writing soo much it’s what keeps me coming back.

  • rhiannon
  • I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this posy. Audrey Hepburn was so much more than a pretty face. As a child she suffered from malnutrition which is one of the main reasons she began working with UNICEF to eradicat child hunger. She was an incredible woman. You’re right, its sad that history remembers her as just a pretty face. But I feel that it could be said of any of the woman from that era. I mean Marilyn Monroe was abused as a child, had terrible stage fright, but was still a brilliant actres, active in civil rights, and an avid reader. No one talks about the other aspects of these amzing women. Its so sad. They really were more than pretty faces.

    And so are you and I think any one of your readers knows this about you. Fantastic post Audrey.

    x Anna – sincerelyyoursanna.com

  • Great post and totally on point. But all I could focus on were you earrings! Love it and want to wear it exactly like you did! Would you be putting them on your shop?

  • Your are one of the best writers-bloggers I follow and I can’t see any incompatibility between loving fashion and having a bright mind. Most of the women of the past were fashion icons AND creative minds or world-recognized intellectuals…

    – maria

  • I totally agree, about Audrey and about beauty. There’s so much more about her than a face on the movie screen! I’m obsessed with her story and what’s fascinating about her life was how she found beauty in the world that crumbled down right before her eyes. Isn’t it crazy that to some fashion is still so unimportant, seen as a vanity thing. it’s crazy, this society. and what’s going to be crazy is the next decade, what the society thinks now will be different to what the norm is going to be in the future.. so why not just enjoy our lives now and to hell what people think!


  • thepharmersjournal

    I totally agree with you, she has become the ultimate pinterest/insta/canvas print, and it’s such a shame.
    I absolutely adore her. Such a talent and inspiration.

    On a more shallow note, I LOVE those shades! Looking (and sounding!) stunning as always.


  • This is so lovely. I LOVE clothes and am also embarking on an MA in Gender Studies and so constantly think about this – does my love for a beautiful dress diminish what I have to say, diminish my hope to empower women and demand that the world see us as more than our appearance? I hope not! It’s so multilayered. And far more of a discussion than what can be written in a comment… anyways this is a roundabout way of saying I completely agree with you and you’re awesome. xx


  • Totally agree! There is so much more to a person than beauty. Main priority in society today is beauty, people idiolising anyone who is pretty rather than taking other factors into account. I love your writing Audrey!


  • Love this post Audrey. This is something that has annoyed me for a while Hepburn was such an amazing individual and all she is remembered for is being pretty, you don’t get that with men. Keep doing you thing, yours is the blog that I actually read every post, often meaning I have over 10 stacked up in my blog lovin. I genuinely love your posts though and it’s that they are not all about what your wearing or fashion in general that makes me want to read them
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  • thecentralsteppes

    I seriously love that you wrote this, especially using Audrey Hepburn as a vehicle for pointing out the multi-dimensional, layered lives of women that oft get veiled behind pretty images. I really hope you continue showing your readers what you believe in (as well as your STUNNING images!) and we get to learn more about what makes you so beautiful, inside + out!