chanel inspired




Is this becoming a recurring theme here, me posing in front of iconic brands wearing more affordable alternatives? I promise not, however the Barcelona Chanel flagship simply felt fitting for this ensemble. Speaking of, I’d quite like a new Chanel bag, but with my interior decorating pursuits¬†and the acquisition of my dream camera equipment, there is nothing left but a pile of change in my bank account. And we all know change doesn’t buy Chanel. Should I pretend I’m rich? Isn’t that what makes a blogger influential? I’d hate to think so, but probably for the majority of readers, it would be yes. But pretending I’m rich would be like pretending I have double D boobs, feasible indeed but a tiresome lie. So here’s to honesty and letting you all know that both my bank account and bra size are rather deflated. You see, I find humour in honesty, in fact, being real is so often the funniest way to be. But also the best way to make friends. I don’t so much focus on being charming but instead to tell it how it is. This is especially well received in the fashion industry, a sphere so full of pretending. People, I find listen when you don’t pretend. If you open your heart, the ears around you open up too. Swiping away pretense removes a barrier, a barrier I find becoming more and more prevalent in blogging. I got rid of mine long ago, so tell me, are you broke too? What about your bra? I need a boost in both. The problem with a savings account is that once the money goes in, it cannot come out. I set it up that way, I know myself well enough to know that without this forced discipline I would probably not save anything at all.¬†But until payday, here’s me, in matching tweed, Chanel inspired but for 60 euros instead and a bag small enough for all the money I have; essentially an oversized change purse. Change rolling around as I swing my bag outside Chanel, a one sentence summary of who I am as a blogger. Not exactly glamorous but it sure is hell better than pretending.

  • Sahra

    this is fabulous! I’m dying for a mini bag like that-and a good blazer like that as well!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  • You look stunning!! I love that jacket its so perfect with those pants

  • I love your honesty, it makes following your blog and instagram account so much more interesting! I’m not rich either, hell I admit that I buy most of my clothes on sale. I hope that doesn’t make me a worse as a a blogger. Anyway, love your jacket even though it isn’t Chanel! x

  • Natalia Georgala

    oh Audrey I just love you <3 <3

  • georgeous!

  • Nina Hsu

    I realized the importance of honesty the hard way when my best friend and I got into a fight. I don’t even remember what we fought about, all I remember is that we weren’t honest with each other and there was a lot of backstabbing going on in our friend group. I’m very lucky because in the end our friendship survived and we promised to be brutally honest with each other, which is why we’ve stayed friends for the past 7 years. I’m just glad that I learned my lesson in high school and not later in life, because our relationship really taught me how important honesty is in real life. Thank you so much Audrey for sharing your insights, I absolutely love your writing!

  • Grace