the 7 day siesta down south


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what i’m wearing: pretty little thing white shirt dress, white floral lace playsuit, blue denim swimsuit, chartreuse satin bomber, stone loose fit choker dress, cream lace up espadrilles & lace midi dress
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Before I left to the South of Spain,  a decision fueled by nothing other than utter exhaustion, I was working really hard. So hard that packing was an essential abandoned.  At past midnight before my 8 am flight, I came across the Pretty Little Thing package I had thrown atop the dresser near my front door earlier in a hurry. I tore it open, dumped the contents alongside two bras and some dirty espadrilles into a suitcase. That was all I brought, alongside these two Chanel bags and hilariously oversized Porsche sunglasses, a trio I am certain you are all sick of seeing. I’ve worn all three incessantly, not so much out of desire but because they were the only accessories I haphazardly brought along. Now, perhaps you’ve already assumed  the obvious here;  I adore Pretty Little Thing, in my eyes they trump the likes of Boohoo or Missguided who seem to have turned too preoccupied with price point or affordability so to speak . My last orders from both brands were massive disappointments, I would have been better off collecting the dust from my apartment corners and fashioning an outfit out of it. As for ASOS, I made a personal vow never to shop with them again after spending an hour awkwardly hoisting my womanly parts into 200 euros of bikinis better suited to be worn as socks. So, when I recommend PLT, it comes from a place of continued frustration for affordable but quality clothing. There is only so much Zara I can wear, especially living in Spain where all the girls seem to favour exclusively Inditex. What I love most about PLT is that their clothes don’t favour the ‘fashion’ body type, they have pieces that looks as lovely on me as they do on my friends 2 sizes smaller. Essentially, I don’t want to spend the money I work hard to make on clothes that uncomfortably conclude that the body I work hard to maintain is oversized. I’m of the muscular, big derriered sort of female and I say that proudly, and quite rightly, I’d like my clothes to say that for me too. Speaking of money, there are zero zeros being added to my balance in sharing this PLT affirmation. It was a joy having only a rota of their pieces to wear as I idled away a week in  southern Spain, and take note, I am sitting down in almost all of these photos, testament to the 7 day siesta I only just painfully awoke from. I’ve not even unpacked, far from it, all these same clothes worn here sit crinkled in my suitcase, deserted mid-wheel at the door. I could put them on rapid wash, repack and leave again. If only, if only, if only

  • Dylana

    Sounds like a dream vacation! Glad you had a good time 🙂


  • The tan, I mean i don’t know what i’m more jealous of, your break or the tan. SERIOUSLY, THAT TAN!!!

    Mel x

  • Kim Slr

    Wow I love all the outfits/pictures.

    Xx Kim

  • You look AMAZING!


  • Dreamy photos! Love all the pieces on you x

  • Your Boohoo/MissGuided/ASOS comments did make me chuckle!!! You look fabulous in all of these pieces and I can’t believe Enrique hasn’t done your washing yet!! What’s that all about?!?! Big hugs..

  • The Gold Lipstick

    White looks beautiful on you!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Teodora Todorova

    Audrey, I’ve been following you for over a year now..You are by no means oversized, or big. You look very small, and skinny. But you’re fit and you have tons of muscle and most clothes aren’t made for women who exercise but for women who simply don’t eat. You look amazing in anything you wear.

  • Andrea L

    your body is totally amazing! wow <3

  • Beautiful photos and lovely clothes! And as some of the girls below already said; you have a GREAT body, I think in the eyes of many even a perfect body. Although I do agree on the horrible fitting sessions whenever one with a little bit of a booty/boobs tries on trousers or a non-stretch, not ‘zippered’ top at Zara, hahaha.

  • these photos are STUNNING. My god i love them.

    Mel x