the pink suit

a step away, towards pink

Well here you have it: the pink suit, or should I say that pink suit, the one that crammed my instagram inbox with frantic ‘WHERE IS IT FROM?!’ messages. It is an attention grabbing colour and not just for us females, the men looked twice too. But perhaps that’s the peeping bra’s fault. Obviously, I had to add a dose of messy-less-demure Audrey to this prim look. I vow to never wear loafers without a slightly exposed boob, anything else would feel prudish for me. Now, I do realize, the roses in my apartment aside, I’ve not featured a colour in a long time. Let’s call this a spring step out of my comfort zone. But also, this suit lies on the sophisticated side of pink;  very subdued, not sickly nor too girly. Don’t you agree? If I have to see one more instagram photo of a long french braid, a slim girl’s back and smatterings of pastels, I may lose my mind. I do fear that this ensemble might be contributing to that sugary, ‘look how adorable I am’ social media trend. It is times like this I wish I had a tattoo. The cutesy look is one I refuse to embrace. I am almost 30. I enjoy sex. I don’t want to look like a virginal cupcake. I aim  to be  a big, strong, sexy woman. Please tell me I am, obviously I am and was hesitant about pink, despite loving the suit and inwardly adoring the colour, I simply dislike so many of the adjectives associated with it.


what i’m wearing: fashion union pink blazer, fashion union pink trousers
via brand attic
, celine sunglasses, mango tan bag, dior mitzah scarf,
parfois gold abstract earrings & i’intervalle pink suede loafers


Another styling technique I am currently developing: tying garments at the waist in unexpected ways. This is actually a simple blazer but I prefer it twisted into an X across my waist. I am so innovative, I know. Earrings that could be mistaken for art deco relics, again another preference I am in the process of perfecting. Very pale, too frosty lips against my tanned skin would be the third love here today, so many of you vocalize your dislike for them; it does indeed look a little strange but hey, I like strange okay? And they make me look more tan, I’d wear anything that might enhance my tan. Why else do I love to wear so much white/beige/cream? But I also must depart a word or three in regards to these loafers. I haven’t had a pair since my Paris life and I refuse to wear any that are backless or furry because surely now that the weather is warming up, won’t they start to smell like feet? Scent aside they look absolutely ludcrious and even more so on my muscular legs. I already have a problem managing body hair, I do not wish to add another furry element to my feet. But these soft suede pink ones I do love, mostly for their thrilling comfort. I’m sure you know the comfort level I am referring to; when anyone compliments your shoes, before gracefully saying thank you, you feel compelled to gasp about HOW COMFORTABLE THEY ARE. And then both you and the complimenter will stand there for a few seconds looking down and marvelling that yes, comfortable shoes of non-sneaker specimen do occasionally exist. It’s one small step… but one giant leap for femalekind. Finally,in the midst of writing this post, I found myself considering a pink, rather frilly bikini online. What is happening? Is pink like pringles? Once you pop, you can’t stop? Probably not because I hate Pringles..

  • I too, struggle with pink and finding the right balance of making it less feminine and slightly more edgy. I absolutely love the cut of this suit on you, but even moreso the tie around the waist. Perfect balance achieved!

  • I learnt to forgive pink. For years and years I thought of it as… just dumb. I think lots of people do, because of some prejudice we’re acquiring very early in our lives, the one that makes us think all pink things are stupid and worthless, and all pink people are shallow excuses of personalities. Which is wrong. I mean, it is just a colour. It suits some, especially blondes like me, and doesn’t suit others. It doesn’t say anything more about me than a blue jumper I am wearing anymore. It does say o lot about people ready to bash me for it, or too embarrassed to wear it though.

  • Katie Harker

    You style it so well!!! Beautiful.

  • Dylana

    haha love this post. and this color on you!


  • This suit has a very nice shade of pink! It´s not trashy pink if you know what i mean! You look fab <3

  • Beautiful look, I love the pink! It is so exciting that pink is in season now!
    Much love xx

  • You are indeed a big string sexy woman, wearing pink doesn’t change that at all. I always used to shy away from pink for exactly these reasons, it’s funny how as you get order you start to not care. I’m still not a massive fan of pink but I do have a few pieces now and I’m still not a little pretty in pink girly. Also live that you hate the furry loafers, I agree they are hideous but every blogger seems hypnotised by them, why?
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