a picnic brunch with le petit ballon

I’ve never subscribed to anything, not a beauty box, youtube channel or even a magazine. It’s too much commitment, I am too fickle. But I do have some faithful loves, wine being a solid forever and ever adoration of mine. I cannot fathom ever tiring of wine; an impossibility, really. I have my previous life in France to thank for that. I can resist the croissants, all the cheese but never the wine. All my friends know the easiest way to get me out of the house is the simple promise of a glass or two. My favourite alcoholic beverage is wine, my favourite way to relax is wine and almost any weekend activity is improved when there is wine. I really do adore wine! And so I broke my no subscriptions policy for the best sort possible: a monthly delivery of wine from Le Petit Ballon. The brand works alongside Jean Michel Deluc, former sommelier at the Ritz to choose and deliver wines suited to individual taste, these then arrive on your doorstep every month for less than 30 pounds. Le Petit Ballon also host a vast selection of wines in their e-store, so if you especially enjoy one, you can stock up! So when my first box of wine arrived, Marta and I thought it would be fitting to celebrate with a picnic brunch. It was the perfect afternoon, we gulped our way through an entire bottle of delicious white and ate many, many berries. Because isn’t that the beautiful thing about wine? Whenever it’s around, suddenly there is reason to celebrate. And you know me, I adore celebrating, especially with Marta.

featuring le petit ballon’s grape expectations subscription: 2 bottles every month for 24.90 which arrived beautifully packaged with the monthly gazette and tasting notes

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  • Emma Manley

    My two favourite girls with my one favourite thing.. 😉

  • Rachael Dickinson

    Such a stunning image! Serious picnic envy.

    Rachael xox

  • I wish weather was good enough for picnics here already!

  • Audrey, we’ve got way too many things in common. We need to be best friends! :))

  • Laura Valuta

    U inspire me to be more of a lady- dress like one and act like one. I love your style & blog, the way you think and motivate others. My favorite blog of all times! Thank You for doing this! 🙂