10 years

3 years ago, close to this very date, marked the first time I saw the dunes of Maspalomas. It was early in the morning and I slipped on the only clean dress in my suitcase, also by Primark. Those photos are still some of my favourites I have ever taken, they marked Frassy’s 7th year running, consequentially this means it has been an entire decade that I’ve been photographing myself and punching words through a keyboard to share with you here. Ten years is a long time, especially at the age of only 28, it’s almost half of my entire life.  This website has existed in 3 countries, evolved a dozen times but mostly,  it’s been a visual documentation of my progression from young adult to grown woman. I feel absolutely overwhelmed when I look back on all this website has given me, a pursuit I started at University on a bored whim… which ironically added more to my life than my degree ever have or will. Friends of a lifetime, a generous income, an abundance of freelance work, the freedom to live wherever I like. It’s been an rigorous exercise in entrepreneurship, photography and writing; the three skills I am most proud of were born right here between this www and .com And so it’s with a heart full of gratitude, I share this post today, perhaps in another 3 years I’ll return here for Frassy’s 13th year.


what i’m wearing: primark navy striped bikini & primark white beach shirt cover up

You never know what will work out and what won’t in life and this website has surprised me consistently, and that is because of you; most of you have been checking in on my life since the beginning and the longevity of your support is the greatest honour. I hold you all as friends. The confidence our relationship provides has made me rather indifferent to the popularity contest that is so widespread across Instagram. I’m too worried about follower count because I have some seriously great friends who interact with my content instead. Whenever I consider a project, a photo or even a string words for Frassy, I’m wondering and hoping it will inspire or entertain you. I realize I am not the best at always replying, but truthfully my life is increasingly divided between here and other work, which makes juggling the smaller responsibilities a little difficult, but I hope you know I am faithfully thankful for all of you and I hope that comes across in what I share here with you.  Thank you for this decade together, it’s been unbelievable.

  • Wow! Congratulations on sticking with this for 10 whole years! I have to admit, I’m a relatively new reader. Some how I found you and your poetry via the magic of instagram and just knew I had to check you out. I spent the greater part of a morning exploring your site and most importantly, your words. As a fellow writer (fiction) and only three year fashion blog veteran, I already feel a certain kinship with you. You have such gentle wisdom beyond your years and a lovely continental style. My jaw dropped at an Aristotle quote you put out there, and I even learned about the brand Primark today! (I’m hooked, now subscribed and looking forward to so much more from you). Have a great time in the sun today and by all means, keep writing!


  • Here’s to another great 10 years!

  • Emma Manley

    Congrats on your decade of blogging!!! Your photos and writing are things I inhale every time you post something, always truly amazing… 🙂

  • missmerry

    Yay Audrey! Truly you’re one of the only bloggers I follow, and I so look forward to your posts, words and Instagram stories. Thank you for your blog and your honesty. I’m so glad I found your work.

  • following since 2009! love your blog..still my favourite!