About Frassy

Frassy is a personal style story- told by me, my spontaneous overflow of fashion, where I share my daily outfit choices, as well as insights into my life, the things I love, the places I go and the people, brands and projects that inspire me.

How it Started

Frassy started as a casual creative pursuit while I was studying English Literature at Durham University. I grew bored with my degree and felt claustrophobic living in such an insular student town, so I started snapping photos of my “student-on-a-budget” wardrobe.

Moving to Paris

After graduating, Frassy landed me a place on the Fashion Journalism MA course at Central Saint Martins. But after a spontaneous change of heart, I decided to move to Paris and start pursuing fashion blogging as a career. Since my first visit at 16, I had fallen completely in love with the city and I had always, always dreamed of living in Paris. So off I went, with 2 suitcases and no friends in the city –I moved into a crumbling but irresistibly charming 1 bedroom in the heart of the Left Bank, just off Boulevard Saint Germain.

Full Time Blogger

At 25, I have lived in the city of lights for 3 years and now spend my time between Paris and Barcelona, 2 cities I am so lucky to call home. Since then, Frassy has become my full-time employment but also, a brand that represents me, my style and approach to fashion.

Other Work

I also work as a freelance photographer and writer – for brands and individuals alike in Paris and beyond.

Frassy Future

There are exciting plans in the Frassy Future. I am so thankful for my readers’ support over the years. It truly is both inspiring and motivational to have such a wonderful audience. Email, tweet/facebook me as often as you like, I love hearing from you! And I do hope you all continue to follow my foolish, completely crazy fashion journey!


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