‘frassy is my  personal
style narrative’

Frassy started as a visual journal documenting my daily outfits, an endeavour I casually began to combat boredom back in 2009 while studying at a too-traditional University. After graduating, I opted to pursue blogging as a profession and move to Paris. At 21, I launched the website full time and moved into a crumbling apartment on the left bank. Those first four years in Paris were both magical and incredibly formative to what I’ve achieved professionally so far. Since then,  Frassy has evolved to showcase my entire life – I wear the clothes I love alongside personal stories in an effort to offer deeper insights into my life, the things I love, the problems I face and the brands, projects, places, habits and  ideas that inspire me. Frassy also gave me the opportunities I needed to now also work as a freelance photographer and writer for both brands and individuals alike. A year ago, I abandoned Paris full time and set up a life further south in Barcelona, Spain. I now work between the two cities.